The theoretically, supposedly, allegedly “Orthodox” Metropolitan Amvrosios of Helsinki Finland invited the first woman Bishop Irja Askola, to pray together in the Sunday “Orthodox” Liturgy on the 1st March 2015 fully vested, at the Orthodox Cathedral Church of Kimiseos tis Theotokou (The Falling Asleep of the Mother Of God) in Helsinki.


The “bishopess” Irja Askola, is the first woman bishop of the Lutheran diocese in Helsinki. The Greek “Orthodox” Archbishop Leo, Head of Bishop Amvrosios, disagreed with the actions of his subordinate Bishop but did NOTHING AT ALL to carry out Apostolic Canon Law as the rightful, God-pleasing exemplary punishment for such betrayful scandalous acts of co-prayer with heretics, acts that are firmly condemned by various Councils.


Bishop Amvrosios claimed “he did nothing wrong against the Church” and “acted within the scope of communication and dialogue of love, as he does not want our Church to end up a ghetto, brushed aside” in a dark alley. He recognises the Lutheran “church” as THE Church, canonical Member of the Body of Christ. In the name of the Anti-racism Act, he recognises in public proclamation the ordination of women as well as homosexual marriage.


When asked of the validity of his actions, he excused himself by saying that “our Patriarch did the same and even more” (even worse). This diplomatic appeal is not only wrong but legally very cunning, outright against the One True Church, totally anti-Orthodox, Anti-Canonical and the actions-trespasses by the Patriarch constitute an example to sternly AVOID, not a good example to follow.


Various Ecclesiastical websites covered the tragic event, such as “Aktines”, “Ayioritiko Vema” and even “Romfea” an advocate of the Patriarchate!


Surprisingly enough, despite the fact that the Bishop himself did not deny his shameful, scandalous actions and admitted to the serious accusations, there are no photos or video footage of the Liturgy, nor do we know what really took place in the “Hieron” with the other priests who were instructed by the Bishop to commemorate the “bishopess” and “pray for her”…


There is only one collated photo which is 3 separate merged pics of the three people involved… It’s very weird how they managed to allow no photos and no videos. Hopefully someone, somewhere held a mobile and filmed it secretly. We ask anyone to please publish it or forward it, even anonymously…


The sad and tragic thing is:


NO official, Orthodox “Anti-Ecumenistic person or Entity did anything further than simply write a letter or article and NOTHING more, as if the Holy Canons are powerless, useless, outdated and cannot effectively deal with proper-due-mandatory punishment of such blasphemous actions.


Even worse is that today’s “faithful Orthodox” maintain communion and recognise these Pseudo-bishops and Wolf-shepherds in sheep’s clothing, as commandingly characterised by God the Holy Spirit, as Canonised and condemned by the God-inspired Holy Fathers of various Councils.


For example, when any Orthodox Priest in the world commemorates his Bishop and Archbishop, who in turn commemorate Patriarch Vartholomeos, who commemorates the Pope, he not only unites himself, personally, Dogmatically, Liturgically and Sacramentally with these heretical ecumenist bishops but also unites the flock, the congregation also, whom he represents. This is the utmost evil of our times, the Ungodly Union.


This is why Canon Law states that the ONLY way to refuse to be part of this union and reject this ungodly representation, is to refuse to attend common worship, to deny any sacramental communion via commemoration, to Wall ourselves Off from this evil embodiment. And this is what “Avatar” means. It is a spiritual embodiment of unequal, unfitting, incompatible and unsuitable entities: The Truth and Heresy, Day and Night, Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy, Christ and “Mamonas” (the Devil).


WALLING OFF means to distance one’s self, to withdraw and SEPARATE from heretical preachers and denounce their blasphemous teachings. This commemoration of one another is an Ontological Embodiment which unites every one with the “Prime-Supremacy” of the Pope who was (and still is) commemorated fully vested, “yimni ti kefali” (bare-headed, publically) before the “Orea Pyli”, (Sacred Gate) of the Holy of Holies…


Therefore, to simply disagree, merely oppose or even protest, by article or gathering signatures, is not prescribed by Canon-Law, not applicable or ever effective. These fearsome beasts and soul-thirsty wolves do not care “what we think”…. But they CARE and WORRY and feel profoundly OFFENDED when priests of any level, immediately CEASE the commemoration such leaders and true believers WALL themselves OFF from their jurisdiction and subjection.


This is why Patriarch Ioannis Kalekas felt HIGHLY OFFENDED when Saint Grigorios Palamas CEASED his commemoration and urged priests and lay believers to NOT attend churches where Kalekas in commemorated. THIS IS WHY Patriarch Kalekas ANATHEMATISED the Saint to eternal hell because he “dared” (says the Patriarchal Anathema), “he DARED to cease my commemoration.” (and who are YOU??? Supa-Dupa-Patriarch Of the Universe???)


Those believers today who dare to follow the Path of Truth and Life, are “anathematised” by modern PSEUDO-bishops and cunning, vicious WOLVE-shepherds but are BLESSED, commended and praised eternally by GOD the Holy Trinity and the Holy Fathers! As the 15th Canon of the First-Second Council states: “they are worthy of the honour befitting the Orthodox!”


WHICH path do WE choose? The “anathema in hell” along with Saint Grigorios of Palamas (and so many other Great Holy Fathers who did the SAME thing) or the earthly “paradise” of Ecumenists ENEMIES of God who pray with women bishops and exercise a “common chalice”


Even when this “common chalice” spreads wider and becomes more global, even THEN no one will do NOTHING because their conscience has now been COMPROMISED to the status quo of a sickening ill-minded “obedience” to disobedient false bishops instead of OBEDIENCE to God and His Holy Fathers, “obey God rather than humans!”


WHO do we OBEY?



isn’t it weird?


We easily separate ourselves from any pitiful “Pandazis” because he (in obedience to Canon Law and the agreement in whole of the Holy Fathers) has cut ties with the Ecumenistic Patriarch, and placed himself “outside” the “Church” (jurisdictional, governing church), outside the “Ark”…


Isn’t it funny how we are willing to destroy friendships and spiritual communion with brothers in Christ who want NO involvement in heresy, no involvement (or representation) in the evil blasphemous W.C.”c”, (World Council of “churches”=another highly blasphemous Plural which deletes the essence of “The Creed”) …) and yet WE, through our subjugated, heretical, Latin-minded archpriests who represent us at the ALTAR and unite us in commemoration with all the other heretical denominations and abominations of the W.C.”c”, we gladly, steadily maintain communion and eagerly co-exist with them, subjecting ourselves to this long leisure ride, on the squeaking. hell-echoing and flaming “Chariot of the Antichrist, the Pan-Heresy of ECUMENISM” (St Justin Popovich).


Papism is NOT a schism, not the Church, but a HERESY that is already condemned by many, various Holy Councils! The Holy Apostolic First-Second Council clear affirms and declares:


“Those who separate themselves from communion with their President, due to any heresy condemned by the Holy Councils or Fathers, that he currently preaches in public, openly to the Church, these persons who Wall themselves Off from any Communion with such accused Bishop prior to any official condemnation by Council, not only are not subject to any penalty of Canons but are also worthy of the honour befitting the Orthodox, because they have condemned, not true “Bishops”, but False-Bishops and Wolf-Shepherds. These Walled-Off believers HAVE NOT severed the unity of the Church by schism, but they combat to protect the Church from schisms and divisions.” (15th Canon of the Holy First-Second Apostolic Council held in 861 by St Photius the Great, Patriarch of Constantinople).


It is these schisms and divisions that we strive to circumvent. All they who unfairly accuse us and slander us as “schismatics” are being very unfair to their own souls, bringing upon themselves heavy and serious curses of Saints and Fathers. We must point out, underline and remind our accusers, that we have NOT created New Synodical Systems, we have NOT performed new, unjustified and non-verified ordinations, nor have we joined any Polycephalous (Multi-headed) Old Calendar Synods who viciously oppose, hate and condemn one-another and have only Walled themselves Off on the Basis of the Calendar-change, not Truth. WE HAVE NOT, DO NOT AND WILL NOT PERFORM SCHISM.


Many more scandalous events will soon take place. So many supposed “Anti-ecumenists” claim to first wait for the “common chalice” to take place and the official condemnation by Council. They are thus self-deceived and fail to see that this “common chalice” is already happening and when it does finally happen wider, it will be too late, there will be minimal resistance as the broader body will already have surrendered to the Luciferian ultimatums of Ecumenism. As for the Synod, NO Council will take place comprising of “judges” who are in fact the ACCUSED criminals of corruption, and NO Ecumenistic archpriests will EVER convene to condemn their “highness, honour and majesty”…


We will not be judged by what Pandazis did, but by what personal stance we held during this anti-Christian time of Persecution of the Faith, and how we ourselves dealt with the Pan-Heresy of Ecumenism.


“Through the prayers of OUR HOLY FATHERS, Lord Jesus Christ our God” save Your One, Holy, Orthodox and Universal Church from the Universal Threat of Ecumenism,


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